Top 6 Face Cleansing Tips

Face cleansing is the most vital part of your skincare routine – no exceptions. It might not be the most glamorous step, but it’s crucial for everything else to work properly. Removing all the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells that are left on your face allows for your other skincare products to further penetrate the skin. If you cleanse properly, you’ll get the most use out of your routine. So, what are we waiting for? Here are six easy tips on how to cleanse your face more effectively:

  1. Determine your skin type.
  2. Pick right cleanser for your skin.
  3. Use the ‘dry cleanse’ method.
  4. Use slow, circular motions.
  5. Cleanse with warm water.
  6. Pat dry and use clean skincare headband & cleansing cuffs
Choosing the right cleanser for the right skin type


Know your skin type & your skin’s needs

It’s easy to just say “I have oily skin, so I need a powerful cleanser,” but it’s actually a good idea to slow down and ask yourself a few questions first.

Start with determining your skin type! Do you have normal, dry, oily, or combination skin? 

To accurately assess the natural state of your skin, try this easy, expertendorsed approach. Cleanse your face (with a gentle, mild cleanser), pat it dry, and don‘t put any other products on.  Allow 30 minutes, then consider how your skin looks and feels.  If your overall face is shiny, you have oily skin. If it‘s only shiny on the tzone, that signifies combination skin. If your skin feels taut and is dull, you have dry skin. And if it‘s very irritated and uncomfortable, you have sensitive skin.

Whatever your needs are, there will be a cleanser that can help you. 

Women using the face cleanser


Choose the right facial cleansers for your skin type

It is important to select the right cleanser for your skin type to ensure optimal results.  For example, if you have sensitive, dry skin, using an exfoliating cleanser may cause skin irritation. In this case, a gentler milky cleanser with hydrating ingredients would be a better choice. If you wear makeup or sunscreen regularly, you may also want to consider double cleansing to avoid build-up of grime and makeup.

It is important not to overdo it with cleansing, as this can damage and sensitize your skin. The goal is to make sure you get the most effective cleanse without compromising the integrity of the skin’s outer layer.  Using the wrong cleanser for your skin type can interfere with how your skin functions, so do your research and pick the right one for you.

Women drying the skin after face wash


Use dry cleanse method for face cleansing

At Room, we recommend the dry cleanse method when washing your face. This is the best method to use with sulfate-free cleansers, like oils, balms and creams.

Just as the name suggests, dry cleansing skips the step of dampening your skin before applying a cleanser.  How do you do it?  Using a nonfoaming cleanser, massage onto dry skin as the first step then run your hands under warm water and massage again to wipe away all the excess grime on your face.  The biggest benefit to dry cleansing is that you’re getting the full impact of your cleanser without it being diluted with water.

If you prefer foaming cleanser because of your skin type, then you can skip the dry cleanse as lathering cleansers need water to be effective. 

woman face washing with foam cleanser


Use slow, gentle, circular motion

When applying a cleanser, massage the product into your skin for at least 60 seconds or up to two minutes. This allows it to work effectively and gets the most use of the product. Use circular motions and light pressure with your hands or a gentle cleansing tool. Avoid using excessive pressure or harsh brushes that can irritate your skin.

If you don’t like splashing water around the bathroom and hate when water drips down your arms and over your sleeves, you can use these soft cleansing cuffs.  They come with a matching skincare headband and are the perfect solution to keeping your skincare routine mess free.

Wash & rinse face with warm water


Wash & rinse with lukewarm water

We know using hot water to wash your face can be tempting, but lukewarm water is where it needs to be!

Cleansing and rinsing with lukewarm water will ensure optimal skin health.  It can lead to less dryness, redness, and sensitivity. Before you give that final rinse off with water you can use a soft cloth or cleansing cuffs to remove your cleanser.  These types of cloths are great because they are much softer than a traditional washcloth and so will not damage or irritate your skin.

Women washing face using skincare headband & wrist towel


Always use a clean, soft washcloth while cleansing.

There are three takeaways from this one step: pat, soft, and clean!

For your skins health, use a clean skincare headband and cleansing cuffs, especially for those who have acne-prone skin.  Your skin will thank you later.

When it comes to drying your face, patting instead of rubbing is the way to go. Patting your skin dry with a soft, clean towel allows you to avoid irritation and acne outbreaks, while increasing blood flow.  It’s a win-win situation! 


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