No Drip Cleansing Cuffs

Introducing our No Drip Cleansing Cuffs, a game changing beauty accessory for your skincare routine. These cuffs are designed to make cleansing your face easier and mess-free, thanks to their leak-proof design. Made from 100% coral fleece microfiber, they’re soft and comfy to wear but also highly absorbent, stopping water from dripping down your arms and keeping your sink and bathroom squeaky clean.

These spa-inspired wristbands are the accessory you never knew you needed, keeping your sleeves and arms dry whilst cleansing, exfoliating, masking or even doing your makeup. High-quality elasticity for added comfort and staying-power, they will make your skincare routine easier than ever, so you can head off to bed or start the day fresh, clean and confident.

You can even use them as cleansing pads, as a convenient and effective way to remove all traces of your skincare products, making them a must-have addition to your routine.

They’re reusable and easy to wash and care for. So why wait? Try our No Drip Cleansing Cuffs and say goodbye to waterlogged sleeves and hello to fresh clean skin.

Pair of green mint arm sleeves for washing face on green bathroom tiles
Pair of pink wrist towels shown on female wrists touching mirror

Good for you, good for the environment

  • Look no further than our No Drip Cleansing Cuffs, if you want an easy way to make your beauty routine more sustainable.
  • Our cuffs are reusable and easy to clean, making them a more sustainable option compared to single use cleansing wipes or cotton pads.
  • You can say goodbye to makeup remover wipes. These are bad for the environment and bad for your skin. Our cleansing cuffs will keep you dry, so you can reach for more sustainable options like reusable makeup remover pads or cotton cloths when washing off those messy bits.
  • Made with durable, high-quality materials that are designed to last for many uses, means you won’t have to constantly replace them.
  • They come with a free wash bag, which is made from eco-friendly 100% cotton – it’s a natural material and that’s why it’s beige and will shrink a little after washing – no nasty plastic wash bags here!
  • Overall, these Cleansing Cuffs are a small but powerful way to reduce your environmental impact while taking care of your skin.


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