Yup. Our products are made of soft coral fleece which is a high moisture-absorbing material that prevents liquid from spreading and spilling down your arms. No more soggy PJs! Combined with the headband, they’ll keep your hair, hands and arms dry – perfect for any skincare routine.

They work best when they’re placed just above the wrist bone. You will feel water spill down your hands and wrists, but it won’t go any further – it’s a weird sensation and kind of f*cks with your mind. Like, good weird. Think period undies. Get on it.
Totes. Made from quality coral fleece which is super comfy to touch and wear. The fluffy texture is perfect for any delicate skin – you might even forget to take them off.
Our Headbands suit most head types. Our Wristies have good elasticity and just enough flex and stretch to ensure they’re stable on most people’s wrists – the tighter the better.

Yes, you can wash by hand or throw them in the washing machine. It’s made even easier with our 100% cotton wash bag, so you can wash multiple times without worrying about them losing their shape.

The coral fleece dries pretty quickly between each use but just hang them in sunlight or next to your indoor plant to soak up the rays together. You could even load up on an extra pair of Wristies to get you through the week.

With our face washing kit you can say goodbye to makeup remover wipes. These are bad for the environment and bad for your skin. We’ll keep you dry, so you can reach for more sustainable options like reusable makeup remover pads or cotton cloths when washing off those messy bits.

If you’re using water to wash your face, always turn the tap off in between cleansing and washing.  It’s like brushing your teeth, y’all – it ain’t kosher to leave the tap running.

Oh, and our wash bag is made from 100% cotton – that’s why it’s beige and shrinks a little after washing – planet over aesthetics, people!  

You’re in luck. We’re giving away a free 100% cotton wash bag with every Face Washing Kit order, so that’s with every Top Knot Set and Bella Bow Set.  So if you order two Facing Washing Kits (one for you and one for your bestie) you’ll get 2 free wash bags – amazing huh!

Our wash bag is made from 100% cotton – it’s a natural material and that’s why it’s beige and will shrink a little after washing.  Don’t worry it will still fit your kit and maybe enough room for a cheeky thong too.

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Due to the ongoing impacts of COVID across Australia, with restrictions and increase demand for online orders, Australia Post are facing some delays. Please know were are doing our best to get your order to you as soon as possible.

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