Our brand story starts from a lightbulb moment in the bathroom. Curious? Let’s set the scene.

I was washing my face one night (as I usually do) and it was time to rinse. I knew what was coming…wet arms, soaked PJ sleeves, and a ruined, wet fringe. IYKYK. But I sucked it up, took a deep breath, and went in anyway – fully prepared for the aftermath.

And that’s when it hit me. A flashback to the 80s where neon wristbands were the OG of athleisure and now the solution to my problem!

Skincare seemed like a chore and I wasn’t here for it. So I created our Face Washing Kit – super soft Headbands and Wristbands (Wristies!) for a mess free routine.

No more wet arms or sleeves so you can spend more time on taking care of your skin, while actually enjoying it.  Face washing reinvented.

Oh and we can’t forget about our colours. Sure, we love a neutral here and there. But when it comes to the bathroom, we think bright and bold are the way to go.

ROOM founder – Jess Styles

Why 'ROOM'?

Our brand name origin is a nod to the ‘bathroom’ – a place where we can truly be ourselves. Unfiltered, real, and raw.

It’s where we can dance in front of the mirror, sing our favourite ballads, and be our own beauty gurus.

It’s where we encourage you to take a moment each day, away from unrealistic beauty standards and filters for everything, to embrace and love the skin you’re born in.

It’s where our products work their magic.